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I'm Samuel Z Guo, Bay Area born and raised. Most people call me Sam. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Financial Mathematics and Statistics. In my free time, I like to look for new things to do or work on various projects. I analyze data, I develop games, I run a clothing brand, I update a blog, I make stickers, I design websites, I play jazz piano, and I draw once in a while (I'll admit I'm not very good at that one). I'm experienced in many industry standard tools and programs, most of which are shown on the left (hover for name).

But more important than what I know is why and how I know them. I have a passion to create, and I will stop at nothing to make myself someone who is capable of making things, whether that be logos, apps, reports, poetry, animations, apps, or anything else. That's the reason I never shy away from an opportunity to pick up a new skill. I'm driven and I'm self-motivated. I am always eager to learn and I continually persevere in improving myself and my skills each and every day. I know that putting in the time and effort will yield results, and I'm determined to continue exploring my capabilities in these fields and the ways I can use these resources.


concept - sketch - wireframe - prototype


web design

Like many aspiring young people who wanted a cool website for their blog or online shop, my journey with web design started on platforms like Blogger and Squarespace. However, I soon grew tired and frustrated with the limited customization options available (and also the $144 a year), opting instead to build my own websites from scratch.

It is often said in the context of design that "form follows function". But I believe web design is one of the best intersections of form and function in design. A good looking website does a phenomenal job simply by being aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, a highly functional website's features and layout tend to make it look cool in the process.

The websites to the right (and this portfolio page) are hand coded in pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

sample projects


This is a complete blog website. Equipped with individual posts, navigation bar, other content pages, and contact form.


Simple landing page for an upcoming mobile app with a mailing list to sign up for updates.

Explore HQ Landing Page

This is the landing page for my umbrella group for all my projects. Not many cool features, just a nice, simple website. Limited functionality as of now.

sample work

Parasol Co.

Clothing Brand

PBT Cabernet

Mechanical Keycap Set

Various Designs

Stickers, Flyers, Album Art, Etc.

Every data set has a story to tell. The trends we can extract from them, the nice-looking visuals we can create from the patterns, the relevant applications and actions one can infer from the analysis: those are all things the numbers want to tell us. We just have to give them the voice and help them speak.

Throughout my education and experience with statistics, I've been fascinated by the amount of information that can be extracted from data in all contexts, whether it be technology, finance, customer demographics, cars, or absolutely anything imaginable. Data is everywhere, and it's easy to find. But the real magic happens when we apply analysis and insight to it, more often than not discovering amazing things in the process.

sample projects

Regression Analysis of Per Capita Violent Crimes

academic report of dataset modelling and analysis

Recon for Twitch (WIP)

chrome extension for image classification of livestream thumbnails

Prompt Box (WIP)

deduction game based on natural language processing

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