Machine learning meets the visual arts in this upcoming mobile app designed to give you a personalized, effortless, interactive art experience. Giving you one piece of curated art per day, Alexandria learns about your taste - the colors, styles, and visual aesthetics you prefer - and creates a shareable, easy-to-digest "aesthetic profile" that helps you think more creatively about the people and things around you.

Recon for Twitch

Find the games you want to watch, faster. Recon for Twitch is an upcoming Google Chrome extension that leverages the use of image processing and classification to determine details about a streamer's current status (e.g. in-game, character playing, etc.) from the Twitch live thumbnail alone. It will then allow you to filter and sort by those categories, helping you find a good stream to tune in to without any hassle.

PBT Cabernet

A niche project for members of the mechanical keyboard community, this keycap set offers a lower contrast color scheme for people who want to customize their keyboard with a rich, red color. 3D modeling and rendering software Blender was used to create mockup images, and various assets were produced to market and gain interest for the product, which was then crowdfunded via international vendors.


A lighthearted content creation channel with local friends.

Untitled Music Project

Nothing to click yet. Just putting this here to motivate myself to actually work on this and get better at my instruments.