July 19, 2018

The First

1:32 AM

Wow! I actually spent 12 dollars to get this custom domain so that my writing can feel more legit. This is neither my first diary entry nor my first blog post, but it is the first post on this website, so pop the corks. Woo.

I don't really know how you got here since I didn't really spread or market this page at all, but you're probably pretty lost. Basically, I was not making myself accountable for all the time I was wasting, so I decided to make my diary live on the Internet in order to make myself feel self-conscious that other people were watching my slow descent into despondence.

I am trying to improve a lot of skills at once, which include the following: piano, guitar, drums, drawing, longboarding, business, design, photography, how to make friends, and of course, writing. Normally people would call me crazy and agree that I will probably not be very good at any of these things. They are right. I suck at pretty much all of these. But recognizing that you suck is step one of how to not suck, right? Right.

I'll make a separate category for each skill, so that you can watch me fail in a more organized fashion. I hope this is entertaining, because then at least I can say my writing has improved somewhat. Or maybe people are entertained just by my life. Not sure if that makes me pathetic or interesting. Probably both.

Anyways, it's pretty late and people have figured out that I'm awake, so I guess this is it for now. Hopefully this new addition will help bring my life back into order. Either way, at least it's on the record now.

- Sam