July 21, 2018

2:57 AM

3:04 AM

I am not an insomniac. However, it does take a very long time for me to fall asleep in bed. Like usually an hour or two. Lying awake at night is a good time to contemplate your entire life, including the mistakes you’ve made, the things you could’ve been doing, and, of course, that one cringed thing you did when you were five and didn’t know any better.

Sleep is nice. I like sleep. What I don’t like is the concept of sleep, and especially how much of a waste of time it is. What was the statistic again? Like, 1/3 of our lives are spent sleeping. That’s such a waste of time, even though I know I’d probably just be surfing the web if I actually got to make use of that time. This is why I wanted to learn to master lucid dreaming, so that I could one day be cognitively active 24 hours a day. But, much like Korean, the violin, and many other things I wanted to be good at, I never really got the hang of it.

This post really has no overarching theme. I’m tired and have nothing better to do, and writing this makes me feel a little bit more productive. I probably shouldn’t be thinking about these sorts of things, anyways. That’s for daytime me to solve, even though that guy is a lazy bastard who refuses to get any work done anyways. I’m supposed to be sleeping.

I guess we both suck at following directions.

- Sam