July 26, 2018

The Status Quo

3:17 AM

The status quo is a phrase meaning "the existing state of affairs", but I like to use it a lot just to refer to "the current situation". The status quo defines what I do every day. In essence, it is, today, what defines this chapter or episode of my life.

For example, for me, the status quo for Fall 2017 was probably me coming home, playing a lot of video games, and studying until 3-4 AM, only to wake up at 8 AM to go to school, sleep for 3 hours, go out for tea after, and repeat.

Sounds like a relatively simple concept, right? Well, it is. The thing that intrigues me about the status quo, however, is not the concept in itself, but rather how it changes (or more specifically, how quickly it can change). Obviously a status quo is not going to remain constant across an entire lifetime. Sometimes, though, it feels like it can change in a matter of seconds.

Things will probably not be the same a year from now. In fact, it'd be strange if it was too similar. In a year, you may have traveled to a new location, or started a new job, or made new friends, or picked up different hobbies. Or maybe you haven't. Maybe you like to keep things the same. That's all right. I get restless if I don't change things up every once in a while, though.

There's a lot of random abstract stuff I want to say about this topic. But the point is, I never really look back on how the status quo changes on a grand scale. For example, I have no clue what I was doing on July 26, 2017. But it was probably an entirely different me. Each year, many events and encounters just drastically change not only the way I live my everyday life, but fundamentally who I am and what I do as a person (See "End of an Era" at the end of Matthew's Big Guide to NYC)

I guess the point is that I really take for granted how fleeting this moment is. A year from now, I will probably be surrounded by a whole new group of friends, on a college campus that I have yet to fully explore. I probably won't even remember what I'm feeling right now as I write this, or even the fact that I wrote this (unless I see it of course). Life moves pretty quickly, and it changes rapidly. My problems right now will soon be replaced by different ones. Everything is temporary. The status quo will change in a blink of an eye, and I won't even have to get used to it. It'll just be there, and I'll feel like it's always been this way. But it hasn't. And I never really realize that unless I think about it at 5 AM like I'm doing now.

I'm just taking this time to appreciate the me of today, before all of him that remains are these words.

So what's next?

- Sam