August 15, 2018

The Do-Nothing Club

11:50 AM

I had this idea for a school club or organization a while back. It was called the "Do-Nothing Club" and would pretty much consist of exactly what it sounds like: people just doing nothing. During club hours, nobody would be allowed to work on anything or do anything productive. It was just a time and space to do nothing and appreciate the concept of doing nothing.

If you've read any of my earlier posts, you know that this goes against my entire philosophy of living. Doing nothing isn't productive. In fact, it feels like absolute garbage sometimes when you realize that you've spent a large amount of time just, well, doing nothing worthwhile.

Doing nothing is pretty important, however. Just like an extended period of time without sleep will not be very energetic or productive, a few days or weeks without a dedicated do-nothing time will ultimately burn out. Of course, if I had the option to just forego sleep and work 24/7, I'd be pretty happy with that. But the reality is that sleep (aka recharging) is necessary if I want to be actually functioning and alive the next day. The same goes for breaks. If I want the rest of my week to be as productive as possible, I have to allocate some amount of time to doing nothing and just unwinding.

I read an article some time ago about Yale University's PSYC 110 class "Psychology and the Good Life". Often referred to as the "Happiness Class", it was pretty much dedicated for students to learn about (and hopefully find) happiness in life. One specific lecture session, much to the surprise of the students, was a "forced break" in which students were not allowed to study or do any work, but rather had to socialize and just have fun. The reaction was extremely positive.

Enough about news because that's not really what I want to write about. And probably not what you want to read either. Not like anyone reads this anyways. I wonder how many times I've written those exact words. If you actually are reading this, just know that I do appreciate you reading this. Anyways, I'm getting off topic. Moving on.

The point is, taking breaks is very important. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm taking my breaks incorrectly. But that's a topic that I have a lot to say on, so I'll leave it for later. I'm just trying to say that even when it seems like work and achievements are the most important thing in life, it's always important to take some time to relax and do nothing. This isn't an inspirational post or something meant to be positive or encouraging. It's just what makes sense.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a new organization application to fill out.

- Sam