A Prologue of Sorts

Accompanying Manual


Welcome to Questlog, the blog/writing component of Explore HQ. More about the collective and the other projects can be found in the top right corner over there (near top middle if you're on mobile). This is basically a place for me to record thoughts and little pieces of my life, as well as a developer journal of sorts for the other projects and my various endeavors with the creative arts and navigating this very, very large world.

My name is Sam, and I'll probably be the one signing off on most of the posts here, unless this writing initiative expands to include other submissions or works. I also understand that some of the language I use to refer to things is somewhat cryptic, so hopefully I can explain some of it.

When I think about my life, I like to compare it to being in the middle of a well-written story or script. I do believe that every life is an extremely good story, and for that reason I will always look for similarities or references I can make. I enjoy various types of storytelling, but perhaps my two favorite mediums are video games and TV shows. I can definitely appreciate a good book or movie as well, but over the years I've realized that a standalone movie/book is less suitable for comparison than the first two.

Because of this, a lot of these posts and my writing will include 'self-aware' quips like referring to time periods as 'seasons' or non-urgent tasks as 'side quests', et cetera. This is also the reason this website is entitled 'Questlog', as it is quite literally a quest log for me to write down my heroic tales and character arcs and whatnot.

Hopefully this isn't too far-fetched for you and I do hope you find the posts somewhat amusing, or at least the progression of events that you may be able to piece together from reading multiple in a row. I have not yet coded a comment system or anything so if there is something you must let me know you can to send an email to [email protected]

Otherwise, feel free to relax here and read a while before continuing on with your own story. Stay and listen as long as you'd like, traveler, for great adventures lie ahead.

- Sam