Guides and Short Stories, Among Other Things

Special Episodes and Downloadable Content

Here you'll find little things I've written here and there that are either a little too long or standalone to be part of my blog. Disclaimer: they get more and more low quality the longer ago they were written, so don't expect too much out of them. After all, I am first and foremost a nonfiction author. But worldbuilding and characterization is always fun, and these are just lying around anyways.

If you're looking for my writing portfolio, click here.

Short Stories

Flash fiction piece, written around February 2018.
Short story with some sappy romance stuff in it. Written around May 2017 (yikes).
The Machine Artist
Short story about dystopian society (original) with some attempted commentary on creativity and profession (lol). Also written around February 2018.

Prose and Poetry

#1: Truth
Devotional? Prose? Train of thought? I don't really know how to classify these, but they are nice to write. February 2019.
#2: Commitment
2nd entry. February 2019.
#3: Uncertainty
3rd entry. February 2019.
#4: Peace
4th entry. March 2019.
#5: Joy
aaand 5th entry. Don't know if I'll make any more of these in the future. April 2019.


Matthew's Big Guide to NYC
So far, the only thing I didn't write on here. Courtesy of Matthew Cheng at Columbia University and a worthy inclusion for any big city tourists out there.
The Poor Cookbook for Poor Cooks
This thing was written quite a while ago and is now outdated now that I have some actual culinary experience. Probably won't be up for a while while it's being revamped.

Essays and Other Academia

From Zero
We now enter the meme zone. This is literally an anime essay I wrote in high school for a fall writing assessment. And after I finished importing it, I realized that it's actually incredibly short. Enjoy. Written around September 2016.
A Matter of Good Taste
Another anime essay. This one was written during second semester senior year (Early 2018), so unlike the previous entry, it has no intention of being either serious or coherent. Pretty much just for kicks. This is probably one of the worst things I've ever written. Bon appetit.